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What should not change is how resolute you are in protecting your license and your practice. An unpleasant constant for nurses throughout their careers is that there are potential liabilities linked to their profession. A nurse can be named as a defendant in a professional negligence case, for instance, or accused of violating the nurse practice act or its rules, defaming a fellow worker, breaching a contract of employment or breaching a patient’s confidentiality. But there are legal means that can help protect you and your practice. Here are my tips for avoiding potential liability: Avoid the legal pitfalls — obvious and otherwise 1) Know your state nurse practice act and its rules and review them on a regular basis. 2) Stay informed by attending board of nursing meetings. 3) Purchase and maintain your own professional liability insurance policy. 4) Remain clinically current in your chosen specialty. 5) Participate in research or design and carry out your own research study to help support needed changes in patient care. This can reduce your liability when providing care to patients. 6) Use evidence-based nursing practices .

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